Why should we get rid of the cameras?

Both traffic camera tickets and speeding camera tickets have a flawed judicial system. Every criminal and civil action goes before some type of judge except these tickets. The process violates the 5th Amendment (due process) and 14th Amendment, Section 1 (due process) to the US Constitution. These criminal violations are prosecuted as a civil prosecution. The burden of proof is shifted from the state prosecution, who would be required to prove your guilt, to you to prove your innocence. That is contrary to every criminal statute (as traffic violations are).

The history of the companies that install and handle issuance of citations have a checkered past rife with bribery. See the history of Reflex here. The arrangement with an outside vendor is a great way to hide graft and corruption.

Article on the effects of short yellow light timing.

Another article on the effects of short yellow light timing. 

The Chicago Traffic Camera Study – Please note that in the article there is a reference to an increase in rear end collisions of 22% with a decrease in right angle (t-bone) accidents of 15%. That is not a total increase of 7% though as the total number of right angle (t-bone) crashes has always been a much smaller frequency. The the actual number of right angle crashes and does not reduce the the percentage of crashes as significantly as you might think. The real way to reduce both rear end collisions and right angle collisions is to lengthen the yellow light times; that would not make any money for the camera companies or the city though. All about safety though, right? Note:We are still building this page of evidence and will insert statistics on t-bone vs. rear end collision total numbers here soon.