The city of Kenner, Louisiana is actually considering a proposal that would allow for automated traffic enforcement cameras. The silliness of this is pretty astounding.

The original ordinance can be viewed here. You will need to scroll down to 9B in blue and click on it to view the proposed ordinance.

 Kenner Council Meeting Friday at 11AM 1801 Williams Blvd • Kenner, LA • 70062. This is expected to be heard early during the meeting so please be there at 11 AM. 

Also, we are trying to get a good idea of where the citizens of Kenner stand on this issue so we are collecting poll responses for a poll that has already been under way for some time. If you are not a Kenner resident, please be honest and tell us that, but feel free to vote in the poll. 

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Please take the time to call or email your council  member and voice your concern about traffic cameras and encourage them to vote NO on 12/21/18. 

Kristi K. McKinney
Councilwoman At Large – Division A
Telephone: (504) 468-7247

Thomas P. “Tom” Willmott
Councilman At Large-Division B
Telephone: (504) 468-7252

Gregory W. Carroll
Councilman-District One
Telephone: (504) 468-7253

Michael G. Sigur
Councilman-District Two
Telephone: (504) 468-7248

Glenn W. Hayes Sr.
Councilman-District Three
Telephone: (504) 468-7249

George L. Branigan
Councilman-District Four
Telephone: (504) 468-7251

Brian Brennan
Councilman-District Five
Telephone: (504) 468-7250